What is WordPress?

WordPress is a user-friendly, scalable content management system (CMS) that simplifies creation, publication and management of websites. If you are looking to have a standard website with simple content and features, and are constrained with time or budget, WordPress is a good option.

What benefits WordPress can offer?

WordPress websites are quick to set up and build and more affordable than fully customized websites. WordPress is becoming more popular and versatile and it offers various additional functionality through its library of resources. The functionality of your website can be extended with plugins. For example, it is possible to include simple analytics, SEO and online marketing utilities to a website. Also, there is possibility of having custom domain name and external hosting with an additional cost. Furthermore, all WordPress designs are responsive and optimized for mobile.

Once designed, WordPress websites are easy to update, making content adjustment on a regular basis less time-consuming and more economical. WordPress is easy to learn and use, enabling small business owners to conveniently manage their websites and its content, and in a way to have more control of their website.

Our WordPress services

For businesses who would like to take advantage of the WordPress platform, Levia Design can produce customized websites based on a variety of WordPress themes. The design versatility and degree of customization varies, depending on the need. All our customized themes are powerful in user experience and interaction. Also, they are responsive, guaranteeing a consistent look across devices.

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