What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses several procedures to bring more views and leads and drive the right kind of traffic to your website. For example, selecting keywords that are relevant to your content and business identity is fundamental in SEO.

At Levia Design, our services do not limit to simply creating and setting up your website online. We also develop a comprehensive SEO strategy for your business, ensuring your website is easily found by search engines and shown high on search results. We aim to make your website as easy as possible to find by your potential users. We try to strengthen your visibility and make you distinguishable from the rest of the websites in the eyes of both search engines and users.

Improving your status on search engines

We drive targeted and qualified traffic to your website using specific and descriptive keywords that users search for on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Through our long-term SEO service your website’s traffic will grow steadily, and you will notice the difference in search engine results page (SERP) rankings over a few months.

Naturally, appearing high on search engine rankings has the benefit of increasing your brand awareness, making you transcend above your competitors and possibly increasing your revenue. Research has shown that the first page search results collect 95% of all search traffic and the first five results on search engines account for about 68% of user clicks. Even a small position change in search rankings could mean significant increase in traffic.

What SEO services can we offer you?

Our SEO service consists of website audit, competitive analysis, ranking evaluation, keyword market research, link building and establishing your brand presence on social networking sites.

We perform market research to find the best search keywords suited for your specific business. We carefully optimize keywords and their density in your text. Also, we encourage website visitors to get involved with your business by using strong and clear calls to action (CTA) phrases.

Our onsite SEO methodology considers such factors as appropriate use of titles, content, navigation, sitemap, images and videos, information hierarchy, URL structure, links and status codes.

In addition, our SEO service includes code optimization. On the code side, we utilize meta descriptions, alt tags, canonical tags, headers, no-follow links, robots.txt and xml sitemap.

Our SEO strategy

We are open and transparent with our SEO strategy. We follow ‘white hat’ SEO techniques and the latest Google Webmaster guidelines and also use diverse tools for succeeding in optimization.

Our SEO tactics are regularly adapted according to evolving trends in the digital marketing industry and search engine algorithm updates. This way, we get to keep your website relevant and authoritative in the hyper-competitive online world.

Highlighting your visibility on search engines serves as an ongoing online marketing and customer acquisition measure. However, with regards to SEO impact, it is good to bear in mind that expecting immediate results is unrealistic. It takes time to observe any noticeable improvement. Organic SEO techniques, which Levia Design follows, have gradual but long-term benefits.

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