What is meant by analytics?

Web analytics tools allow us to track, assess and analyze up to date traffic information of your website and provide regular user statistics reports to you. This website measurement service is enabled by including a tracking code on pages of your website that sets a cookie on each website visitor's computer.

How analytics can benefit you?

Analytics is a powerful tool. Collecting empirical data about website visitors provides you with useful insights. Analyzing visitor behaviour information can be very valuable to small businesses, allowing you to quickly react to poorly performing content or pages, improve your content, usability and marketing strategy, increase user satisfaction, and overall learn to better target your users.

Types of traffic metrics

The three traffic metric categories that are of interest are "acquisition", "behavior" and "conversion". Through analytics assessment it becomes possible to identify where your website visitors come from (referrers), what they do whilst on your website, how much time they spend on each page, their geographical position and whether or not they convert. Furthermore, it is possible to gather link and downloads data.

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