Pre-launch testing

Before website launch, we make sure there are no bugs, broken links or pages with errors. Additionally, code validation is performed to assure compliance with recommended coding standards.

Cross-browser and cross-device testing

We perform a full cross-browser testing to confirm that we are providing the same excellent user experience across different browsers. Moreover, we test on multiple types of devices, including phones, tablets, laptops and desktops from different manufacturers to ensure full compatibility.

Up-time monitoring

After website launch, through up-time monitoring we ensure the highest up-time for your website. If during the testing any issues are found or we notice that your website has crashed, our team is capable of quickly addressing and solving the problem.

Automated testing system

Our cutting-edge proprietary automated testing framework provides an additional level of testing by constantly checking, verifying and reporting the functionality and accessibility of your website.

Customized testing packages

Our comprehensive testing service encompasses many different measures. Just like our other design and development services, our quality control strategies are tailored to each individual client, based on the level of requirement and need. These quality assurance measures are particularly advantageous in terms of ensuring a high quality website, reflecting the credibility of your brand and strengthening the trust of your users.

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